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tv   CBS 2 News Noon  CBS  March 1, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm CST

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doppler radar much quieter now than what it was at couple hours ago. the latest road conditions, still a fair amount of snow onon the road, and we waiting county, about 50 to 75 percent snow covered. snowfall anywhere from three to four and half inches of snow. 19 and all wind, 21 in waterloo, 28 in iowa city in washington, and d in dubuque. winds out of the north at five to 15 miles per hour and we show you some clearing on satellite and radar. we will do more of that as we had through the afternoon on into the evening time. here is the planner, partly y cloudy as the afternoon approaches. 18 tonight and cool night ahead. >> v vers and a dozen statat are heading to the polls today for super tuesday. donald trump is trying to hold onto the ball more first place
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hiary clinton is trying to do the same. >> voters are lining up at polling stations on super tuesday, on what is expected to polls show donald trump and they significant lead over his opponent and most of the 12 states and ucuses. but boosters say ose numbers might be low. >> there are some people who won't acknowledge they are supporting him but they can't wait to vote for him. >> senator ted cruz hopes to make it a two-man race. >> will we will see i believe it will tmp and me coming out what they significant chunk of delegates. >> hillary clinton is hoping to land a knockout blow from senator bernie sanders. he voted early this morning but he is looking for more than
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>> the goal today is it to end up with as many delegates as we possibly can. >> there are 859 delegates at stake for the democrats but polls show the lead of 20 points or more in six southern states. clinton has already focused all mac shifted some of her focus to the election. >> i will stand up and figig for u this campaign no m mter who the republicans nominate. >> hunted will hold a rally in florida a night. >> donald trump and marco rubio both plan to hold super tuesday celebrations in florida tonight. and iowa, governor terry branstad said he is not ready to support a presidential candidate but t did weigh in on chris christie's decision to support donald trp. >> i think it was a brilliant
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so i think it was ace tuesday." christie was the first former candidate back trump's white house bid.trump al got the backing of alabama senator jeff sessions at a rally earlier this week. president obama will be sitting down today with key senate republican leaders including nate majority leader mitch mcconnell and iowa senor chuck grassley. grasslsl is the chair of the senate judiciary committee and holds a powerful role in deciding who will replace the late supremecourt justice antonin scalia, who died last far, grassley and other republicans have vowed to block any nominee, saying the next president should choose.obama is expected to try to take time tw try to negotiate with the senators. apple receivededa big win in its fight against the f-b-i. f-b-i.a federal judge has ruled that investigators *cannot force the company to unlock an phone owned by a
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york.that comes after another judge ruled it must comply with the feds, to unlock the i-phone that was used by san bernardino attacker syed says creating that software would invade the prpracy of applelecustumers. attorney's in new york are investigating cases involving 175 apple products, with encryptions similar to syed farook's i-phone. right now, the man who could be the next leader of the university of iowa police department is accused of interfering with a criminal investigation. investigation.the case involves interim public safety director david (vih-sin) visin. the incident happened in june when visin allegedly tried to cover for his stepson in a drunk driving hit-and-run incident.according to records, visin took 33-year-old sean crane from the scene before he could be interviewed...and he repeatedly refused requests from a county deputy to pull over so his stepson could be questioned. visin blamed his actions on low blood sugar levels from diabetes. a statement released by a spokesperson for
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released information involving the incident to a senior v-p in the statement released by eight spokesperson for the university, benton released information to the senior vp of finance and operations. crane pleaded guilty to an old of ui charge in december. he paid a fine and completed court-ordered classes. as for vincent, it has not been decided if he will become%the safety officer. they are meeting the needs of the rapidly growing community. cbs two news reporter stephanie johnson joins us now with what's in n e works and how it will affect drivers. >> i'm standing right where north liberty will be built, t road construction n happening anan crews are clearing downed trees. once the trees are removed from along nortrtliberty road, crews will start widening the roads and laying down pavement.
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occasionally reduced the road to one lane and this lane closure is one of many. and that disturbs to oak lane closed off. as more construction continues, for north liberty anticipates the city to grow, and they want to be ahead of all the possible traffic. >> we will see lots of development with the high school. there's already of couple to film its planned right there by liberty high, d as it grows in that area, there will be more traic. >> as construction continues, drivers should anticipate adding more time to their commute, as well as be careful while they drive corridor in covering the corridor in north liberty stephanie johnson. ririt now, the city of c car rapipi is requesting proposals for a new high - rise, multi- use building downtown.
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street and third avenue south- east, and last night, prospective builders got their for a new high-rise. the location is for street and third avenue southeast. last night, perspective builders got the first look at the plan. they are askininthem to consider a building that is five stories or taller that would include housing in both parking and the commercial ground floor. cbs news spoke to rank companies who have already done lots of work downtown. >> fighting crime in downtown cedar rapids. >> when you look at other communities that have had natural disasaers like we have, it's quite amazing. incredible growth, the incredible reinvestment, and the repurposing and some of these areas. >> the deadline for develolors to submit their ideas for the new building is april 20 ninth. at the iowa capitol, all women and iowa could soon have access to birth control.
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lows pills to be giviv out wiwiout eight doctors prescription. it does not require any age limits or requirements for parental environments. this is for girls under 18. this would reduce unplanned pregnancies and it now moves into the house where it faces an uphill battle. more and more iowa business leaders are throwing their support behind a comprehensive medical cannabis bill. the group says 95 prominent business leaders have signed a letter in support of the bill that would make the substance available to mororpatients with medical conditioio. those offering their support span several industries from real estate and insurance to publishing. they believe the bill will provide sasa and consistent quality medicine and now is the time to help families. i what is known for its farming industry but the state is now getting attention from its use of wind farms.
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nation to get more than 30% of its electricity from wind. that the head of the national rate which is still below 5%. governor branstad hopes to achieve 30% of iowa's energy need from wind in the next five years. while americans are paying attention to the water crisis in flint, michigan, officials and iowa are in iowa are dealing with her own water issues. one of the issues this legislative session is spending more money to make sure iowa's water is clean. that issue is in court after des moines waterworks to do ten rural agricultural drainage districts in northwest iowa. the des moines waterworks says there has been more nitrates and i was rivers ery year and that is forcing them to spend money on denitrification processes. the ruling decided that agriculture is exempt. >> our responsibility as supervisors or trustees is for
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we have no ability to regulate intake and, in many of our surrounding states, wisconsin and minnesota don't have to unite or five at the levels that we are talking about here in central iowa. >> it is slalad to start in august but they will probably push them back. coming up on the guest to news at noon, the devices that could be p pting your risk, and how to prevent an unwanted intrusion. >> this time of year, we begin warming up. we are normally in the upper 30's, but today is the uppepe 20's.
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we will take you through ma weather- your planner shows what's ahead for the nene hoursa&- now a live look tside courtesy of ouou weatatrfirst skycama&- a b b of fog in the area this morninga&-temperatures around the areaa&- taking a look at regional temperatures we see >> there's of fair amount of snow moving from the forecast this morning, and some of those numbers
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strawberry, all about 4 inches snow, and will feature some of the smaller amounts. three and half inches of snow in edgewood, and just up. peer very duchenne, 3.4, and, independents, or wine and they had all at three. 2.6 manchester and waverley at 2.0. fair amount of snow in northeast iowa, but the good news is we will melt it off as the weekend has our way. clearing skies this afternoon with some peaks of sunshinin wind will remain strong out of the northwest, and some cooler temps. highs in the upper 20's this afternoon and we will see some sunshine from time to time. 22 around 7:00 tonight. the doppler is much quieter than it once was, still some snow around jones and cedar county, for the most part, everything is
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snow around cedar valley. 150 through buchanan as well as fayette county, and some snow on those roads. northeast iowa, obviously really saw the snow, still seeing some of that snow on residual on the road. cloudy, north wind at 15 and makes it feel pick 15 degrees out there. 19 and decorah, 25 and t rapids, and 25 at monticello. around the state,e,teens and 20's or pre- common out there and we look at now how much son is on the ground -- snow is on the ground. you can see from carol through decorah, there's of the decent snowpack on the ground of there and that's obviously why they are cooler. around the midwest, mid- 20's in minneapolis, 20 a a chicago, 43 st. louis, 42 kansas city, and 50's and 60's are on the bill.
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we are continuing to move towards the east, and we are staying cool today but at least we will do some clearing. the high-pressure ves in behind it and that will help clear the e y. our r xt weather maker moves in this afternoon and evening, and the evening and overnight, we will start with a relatively cloudy sky. the lateomorrow afternoon and evening, clouds will build into the forecast and will see some lighghsnow for wednesday night through thursday. it looks like an inch or two, but we will keep a watchful eye out. more sunshine is expected for r friday. today 23 and decorah, waterloo at 26, and some clearing, the win to stay strong north and west at 15 to 25. mid- lower ens in e north, mid- to upper teens s the
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some clouds that are chilly but calm. low 30's in the north, mid- and upper 30's in the south. we see that snow chance in for thursday morning as well. 36 is the high, upper 30's friday witsome partly sunny skies. 40s saturday, 50 sunday, and monday, and even warmer with upper 50's to lower 60's next tuesday, next wednesday and next thursday. >> still ahead, bringing back the age of supersonic jet travel. crews are now working on innovating another passenger supersonic jet and how it will
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booms. it seems just about every home has them: modern day gadgets that entertain us and make life easier. but these "smart" devices have hidden risks that could make you and your family easy targets for hackers. marlie hall >> welcome back. the smart devices have risk that can make you an easy target for hackers. >> it seems like every thing is now connected to the internet, like this baby monitoring
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with cameras built into the door. toys are also tied to the web. they all have processors that transmit and receive data as part of an exploding category of connected devices called the internet of things. >> we will have somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 billion of these devices by 2020. >> todd beardsley is a tech security researcher with rapid seven. he says gadgets that sent out information on the internet can let hackers into your home. last april, a new york city uple was horrified to hear a up man talking to their three -year-old through a web connected by monitor. hackers can also invade your privacy just for fun. >> the biggest entryway into your home is the router.
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default password is important. >> once one device like your router is compromised, hackers can learn a lot about you. >> first name and last name, date of birth, now i can use the data set to you strictly for crime or sell it. >> he says create unique passwords for all of your devices and change them often. >> remember of the glory days of the concorde where you could go from new york to london in under three hours? those days could be coming back. nasa is investigating the potential revival of supersonic jet. travel agency is granting $829 contract to lockhe martin to develop passenger jet that can fly faster than the speed of sound. that it plane is meant to make flying safer, and greener. it would create a soft thump instead of a wrestling sonic boom when in flight.
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more than a decadeago, with the grounding of the concorde. thomas rent will be the first concert is that it connects stadium. like shelton is already booked as well as tucker the ththd, whetetr of hawkeye quarterback cj the third. it is 12:22 p.m. coming up on cbs news two at noon, taking a convenient pitstop. there is a new update that
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easier oil prices are up but that oil prices are up but that may not immediately transle into higher gas prices.jill w wner lcome back. oil prices are up, but that may not he medially trans late into higher gas prices. joe wagner expense why in
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>> oil priris have mped 30% in less than two weeks. they are now trading well above $30 per barrel. it still too soon to tell if prices have bottomed out. there is a lot of supply from producers in the united states and the global demand is down. on the bright side, americans are enjoying the lowest gas prices in years. googles self drivingngars are human after all. for the first time, one of the cars caused a crash. no one was injured. according to the accident report, a google employee in the car didn't take control because he thought the bus would stop. meanwhile, there is an update to google maps on ios. users can now find pitstop's like gas stations, restaurantnt and grococy stores without leaving navigation mode. and here is a sweet deal for the sweet 16. warm buffet that he will give $1 million per year for life to any of his employees that can correctly predict the teams
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madness possible treatment. for more, follow me on twitter at joe wagner cbs. at the new york stock exchange, i'm joe wagner. justin has your weather to
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here is your >> doppler radar much brighter now than what it was just a few hours ago, and there are the latest road conditions. ends are improving a bit more arnd the cedar valley. be careful this afternoon, upper 20's today. breezy and 29 tonight.
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>> wyatt: looks good on you. >> steffy: i can't wait to show it off. being engaged to the son of jewelry designer sure has its >> wyatt: yeah? >> steffy: yeah. >> wyatt: zou got that right. mom likes to sayhat i alphabet. >> steffy: i know your mom's gonna freak out. >> wyatt: yeah. of course. called her last night, but i just -- person. >> steffy: yeah. um, actually, uh, you should know that i -- i called liam. he didn't answer, of course. i just- it's strange leaving this kind of news in a message, you know? but i -- i wanted him to know. i mean, i'm moving on. i'm engaged to you. i just -- i wanted him to hear it from me.


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